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Water Heater Repair & Installation

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When your heater is properly working, you possibly never notice the much it does. But the moment chaos arise, and there’s no hot shower, or see leakages and loud popping sounds is when you realize how peaceful it is with a heater in good condition. That’s because sometimes the heater works harder, resulting in troubles that need expertise service. Well, suppose you experience unusual working of your water heater, be sure it calls for technical service. That’s why we, the Plumber Winston Salem NC are here to serve you. In the following discussion, perhaps let’s begin by enlightening you on the signals and things causing your water heater problems.

Plumbing Winston Salem NC - Plumber Winston Salem | GM Plumbing | Water Heater Repair & Installation

The Most Common Water Heater Problems

  • Damaged pressure relief valve- Most water heater types feature a relief valve for releasing pressure when it’s too high. Suppose the valve t the heater’s top part starts leaking, be sure it needs service, which our professional team is ready to help.
  • Cold water- A heater producing cold water has a broken heating element that requires fixing. It usually contains two heating elements that heat incoming water for shower, cleaning, and laundry. In case one or both malfunction, then expect no warm water.
  • Little hot water supply- If you frequently run out of heated water, the problem is most likely to be a cracked dip tube. Its function is to push cold water to your tank’s base for heating. Any hole or crack to this part hugely affects the supply- it may push water to the middle or top of the tank. This problem needs dip tube replacement on your water supply system. Installation by yourself can be difficult, thus requires professional knowledge to fix. Call us today for inquiries and booking.
  • Too cold or too warm water- If your shower produces too much cold or warm water, you simply adjust the temperature settings to neutralize the warmth. In case these settings don’t change anything for the two, possibly your thermostat is a mess and needs a licensed plumber.
  • Discolored water- Tank water should always be clear. If not, then there’s tank water or anode rod deterioration. This calls for replacing the anode system.
  • Takes longer to supply warm water- After refilling the tank, water shouldn’t take long before heating. If it does, then it’s a problem with the burner orifice. Another issue on the same could be the low supply of heated water, which can be fixed by increasing the gas pressure. This service also requires an expert to properly sort the problem.

How Long Can You Expect Your Water Heater to Last?

Averagely, water tank heaters can go up to between 8 and 12 years. On the other hand, tankless heaters can take 20 years and an electric type, 10 to 15 years. A new one can go to 12 years accompanied with proper service and maintenance. Nevertheless, several factors determine a heater’s lifespan. They include;

  • Tank or tankless
  • Water quality whereby hard water may reduce the span by two years.
  • Frequency of use
  • Location; is it in the basement where heating lasts longer?
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