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Toilet Repair and Installation

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Mostly, toilets are taken for granted not knowing that they’re the workhorse. Then boom, it stops working, and everybody ceases laughing in the room. Many components in a toilet work closely for proper functioning. For instance, the handle, fill valve, gasket located at the lower part and others at the tank and bowl, and toilet rim weep holes. In case an issue emerges, there’s no quick to a single item because it may not guarantee restoration of normal working. The best solution to such is to check all the components and confirm their interaction. Fixing only one thing can mix you up when not carefully done. But reinstalling a fresh thing in the entire system will reduce your costs. It’s why you should call our company today for the best plumbing consultation and solutions to your pipe systems.

Plumbing Winston Salem NC - Plumber Winston Salem | GM Plumbing | Toilet Repair and Installation

Why My Toilet Isn’t Working Properly

How do you feel on flushing and noticing the water doesn’t go down? It’s frustrating because you wonder if it’s clogged or likely to overflow. This occurrence may make you stressed, but don’t worry since lack of flushing is a toilet problem that happens sometimes. It’s common and only requires repair or replacement, depending on the extent of that problem. We’re further going to discuss the possible reasons your toilet won’t flush and direct you to licensed professional plumbers that will sort it.

Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush

    • Toilet handle- Suppose you try flushing by pressing down the handle and no action occurs, be sure it’s disconnected. To fix this problem, simply reconnect it the way basic parts are linked.
    • Lower water level- Lack of enough water in the tank can’t supply enough in the bowl. Find out if this is true by checking the back of your toile’s tank. Usually, the water should be an inch lower than the overflow tube in the small tank. It might be caused by a bumped water intake valve or an improper adjustment of the float ball, making it sink lower and signaling to be full.
    • Fill valve problem or flapper- A cracked flapper seal makes your toilet begin flushing but remains running. This problem wastes a lot of water, therefore needs replacement. Your fill valve can also result in water build-up preventing it from shutting properly. Reaching out to technical experts will help find a solution.
    • Clogging- Having materials in the bowl that obviously won’t flush down can cause clogging. They include sanitary pads, nylon papers, or a toy. If it’s closer to the opening, you can remove it by yourself, but invisible items require you to call a plumber.
    • Drain line issue- Do you know that your toilet can seem to be working perfectly however flushing doesn’t occur? It implies there’s an issue in the piping system. You can confirm this by looking at other drain line. If they are malfunctioning, then that’s the concern. Here, getting a professional plumber is the best solution.

When is The Right Time for Toilet Replacement?

When in need of improvements- To install another toilet, the old one doesn’t have to be damaged. Perhaps your older toilet utilizes six water gallons in one flush, whereas newer models only require one point six gallons. Other low-flow models may use up to one point two eight gallons. That means they rarely clog. Therefore, upgrading to the new types can save your expenses on water and lower related environmental effects. Additionally, your toilet height or size may be uncomfortable and give an urge to change to a more convenient model. That means you’ll have to install another model of your preference.

Damaged or old toilet- Regular home maintenance can include minor repairs, such as replacing your toilet flapper. But, it’s different when several arts are broken almost all simultaneously, giving trouble to toilet users. You realize that replacing all the parts becomes more expensive than installing a new system. Another reason is having a cracked toilet that’s not easy to repair, it needs replacement asap since it can easily break open and flood your shower room and even the entire house.

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