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Winston Salem NC leak detection and repair services link you to a local plumber to help locate the leaking point and give a verdict. We have the best testing materials and the right repair tools for a commendable job. Give us a call today, and you won’t regret it.

leak detection and repair service winston salem

We have specialists in:

  • Water leak detection- If your water system begins to leak, a leak detection tool senses an excessive flow past the set limit and shuts it off. Some systems are connected to your smartphones to allow sending notifications via a text when there’s a leakage. When you contact us for installation, detection, or repair, such comes to reality.
  • Gas leak detection- To notice a gas leak, you should be observant and vigilant to sounds, smells, and sights like we shall discuss later. Leaking gas is dangerous and requires faster action from professional plumbers.

Signs You Have a Gas Leak

  • Dead plants- Dying vegetation along your gas line could indicate a leak if you didn’t realize.
  • Bd odor- gas manufacturers purposely mix chemicals in the gas for easier sensation. Be keen if you notice the smell of a rotten egg.
  • Hissing sound- A hissing sound around your gas pipe means a significant leakage.
  • Fog- You should immediately call your gas company on seeing an abnormal mist cloud on your property. It’s a sign of a gas leak.

How to Know If You Have a Gas Leak

Natural gas may not be detected easily due to no smell. It’s the reason utility companies add a harmless chemical to gas. Some warning signs could be a hissing sound or smell, though they may not be noticed if the amount is small. Other signs include seeing a broken connection to your gas pipe or a white cloud around it. Dead plants can also help know there’s a leak that requires immediate action.

What to Do in a Gas Leak Situation

  • Ensure nobody or pets are in the room, by immediately evacuating them.
  • Open all doors and windows and move away from the house to call your local fire department. Do this to enable confirm your safety.
  • Then, call your plumbing company to fix the error.
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